Emotion and Social Life Essay

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Pass 2: positive and negative influence on growth and development
In our lives we come across expected and unexpected events. Some benefit our lives others get in the way and can cause our lives upside down.
Getting married is expected and although it is a happy and exciting time it can have positive and negative effects on our lives. Marriage changes people in different ways. Physical influences that can affect them are that some people will put on weight as they settle down with a loved one. They may start a family with can affect on different people. There are intellectual skills will change to; they may take a class together to learn new skills. Sometimes one or the other may become a housewife or househusband and put a stop on education while they look after the family. Emotionally they may feel not see other members of their family quite so much or may worry about leaving their parents, this can cause an emotional upset for the individual especially if this is their first time of being away from their loved ones. Their social life may change dramatically they may gain new friends and therefore have a much bigger social life. They may have to sacrifice friends for their loved one and their social life may be less than before.

The birth of a sibling can come unexpected especially if a child is not aware of what they are actually going to see. Intellectually a child may learn new jobs and help their parents do jobs for their new sibling. It can also affect them…