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Employee Management Summary Week 1
MGT/311 Organizational Development

After completing the assessments of my team at Riordan Manufacturing, the following are my thoughts and plans for guiding my team to a successful future. I am impressed with my team. Although they are young, they have some excellent qualities and are open to growth. This will allow me to guide them and assist in their upward movement in the company.
My staff consists of Amanda, Brad and Andy. All three have graduated from college in the past few years. This is Amanda’s third job and third company, while Andy and Brad have just begun their post college professional jobs. I was surprised that all three have many of the same qualities. This could be because I am specific in the people I hire, and look for the kind of person that will succeed here at Riordan Manufacturing.
Amanda seems the most mature of the three to me. This could be because she started her first job right out of college, or that she just knows what she wants. She scored relatively high on her satisfaction of her job, which tells me she enjoys it and that she is happy to be learning. Although I think she is very engaged in all aspects of her job, she rated herself somewhere in the middle. This concerns me, as I see it differently. She is so confident, that I have already had her working directly with the engineers on ECN’s (engineering change notice), where I normally wait two years for my staff to do that. I will need to delve deeper to understand why she believes she isn’t as engaged as I believe she should be. As expected she scored herself high in Deliberate Decision Maker. I can see this, but I need to slow her down just a bit. She makes decisions quickly, but I need her to work together with some of her co-workers to understand why they move a little more slowly. Although I can always count on Amanda to get things done, sometimes I am not sure the most thought is put into her quick decisions.
Brad is much like Amanda in that I can count on him. He is where he should be when expected, and is ready to work. Just like Amanda, he fell into the middle range on the how engaged does he feel. He is still learning his position, but I see him already being very effective and immersed in his role. I will need to understand from him, where he feels he could be immersed more. It may be that he is not confident yet, which is completely understandable at this early stage of employment. I am happy to say that Brad scored very highly on his job satisfaction, so, that should help in gaining some confidence. Brad also scored very highly on his happiness level, which is easy to see from his demeanor and attitude. Before I read his score on Emotional Intelligence I could see that Brad copes