Endangered Species and Article Essay

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1. Each member of your learning team should choose a topic within your selected environmental issue and select two full length article about that topic which are current within 5 years. (They should each be several pages long.)

You may use the following suggested magazines Discover and National Geographic, or use the library, or your own copies of Scientific American, Current Science, or Popular Science.

You may access articles at the following websites: http://discovermagazine.com, www.sciencenewsforkids.org, www.nationalgeographic.com or http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/ngm.html. Use the FCPS databases to find articles of interest to you. If you wish to use a magazine or database that is NOT through FCPS or on this list, you must show me the article and get approval in advance to posting and sharing it with others.

2. Print out your articles and bring them to class on Thursday, March 16th. Your team will be selecting the 4 best articles and each member will choose one to report on.
3. Each of you will read your chosen article and complete a “Synopsis Sheet” and Summary. These will be placed in your group Wiki on Blackboard.

DUE: Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Name Nasra Ahmed Date: 4/2/13
Period 3


Date of Magazine: November 23, 2011 Synopsis Sheet

Magazine Title: Shorelines

Magazine Article Title: Shorelines

What do you already know about the main ideas in this article? It is about six endangered species of the Chesapeake.

 Who (description of who is involved in the article and what is their job)?
The person that is involved in this article is Kristen Minogue. This article is by her. She is a science writer.

 What (is main purpose of the article)? The purpose of this article is to describe the endangered species of the Chesapeake.

 When (did the events in the article occur)? It was posted on November 23, 2011.

 Why is the information in the article relevant or important (to the environmental issue I am concerned about)? The information in the article is important because my topic is on endangered species, and the article talks about six endangered species.

 How was this information uncovered/discovered? The information was discovered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which declared the rare subspecies officially extinct.

 Who is likely to feel the impact of this article? Does it make a difference? It will impact the Chesapeake Bay because those animals live there, and if the animals become extinct then the food chain will not flow well as it was before.
 Give your opinion on the subject of this article and explain why you have this opinion (Back it up with facts). I think this article is a well written article that has many facts. I can back this reason up, because it talks about six endangered species that are almost becoming extinct. All the endangered animals that Kristen is talking about have good descriptions.

 What do you think is the point of view or bias of the author? The point of view that author uses is in third person narrative. She is not stating opinions, she is stating facts about