Energy Crisis Essay

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All around the world people are being faced with a serious energy crisis. Fossil fuels give off bad greenhouse gasses and are eroding our environment. The demand for fossil fuels is too high to fulfill, and soon we will run out. The energy we use today can either have a positive impact on the world's energy crisis, or a negative impact. As the energy crisis becomes more serious with fossil fuels running out, alternative energy and energy conservation need to become a bigger piece of the world's energy plan.
As we uses up more fossil fuels, the more we harm the environment. Fossil fuels are the world's main source of energy. We use fossil fuels to fuel cars and airplanes, heat our homes, produce electricity, make medicines, cosmetics, plastics, and fabrics. Toothpaste, shoes, TV’s and many other household items are products of oil, coal and natural gas, which are the three forms of fossil fuels. The fossil fuels give off carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses, that erode the environment. Our current uses of energy are harming our planet, and we are quickly running out of our most relied on source of energy. As people look to the near future and see that we won’t be able to rely on fossil fuels for much longer, ideas on how to turn the energy crisis around, and positively contribute to this worldwide problem, have formed.
Solar, wind, water, nuclear, or geothermal energy, are all types of clean energy that can be used instead of fossil fuels. Solar energy, which comes from the sun, can create smaller amounts of energy through solar panels. Wind energy is produced when wind moves blades, which powers a generator, and creates energy. These wind turbines create a lot of energy, at an average of 750 kilowatts, powering about 328 homes. Water energy uses the force of water to create electricity. Nuclear energy is the only non renewable clean energy I've listed above. This type of energy comes from energy in the nucleus of an atom. Lastly, geothermal energy, which is energy deep underground that can heat and cool homes. These types of energy can take the place of fossil fuels in many ways. Instead of hurting the environment, if we use these types of clean energy more, we will be cutting back on the damage we have been doing and have a positive impact on this energy crisis.
Having a positive impact on this worldwide energy crisis doesn’t necessarily mean investing in getting solar panels, or moving to an area where they rely on wind or water power. Everyone can make a difference with the little things. If we cut down on wasting energy at home, and