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English 105
“On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning” Many people seem to have similar opinions and comments on the short story called “On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning.” The short story is about a guy who randomly walks past a girl that he thinks is perfect for him without even saying a word to her. Throughout the story he tries to think of what he could have said to her and what he will say to her next time he sees her. He visualizes many different things that he would like to go his way. He gets the idea to talk to her after she is lost in the crowd.

In a journal that I found online called “d-t-e-a-l”, the guy commenting on the story says that “this story seems like an elaboration on what happens far to often to people nowadays- they grow accustomed to living in a certain niche of social interactions, and after never trying to get out, it becomes all they know.” I think that nowadays, people are way too shy to go talk to anyone. I totally agree with the guy making comments here. People, mainly men, should not be scared or shy to go up to a girl and talk to her especially if they feel the way that the guy in the story did. In my opinion, if he feels that she is the perfect girl for him, he should have got to know her more and tried to talk to her as soon as he saw her and felt the way he did. This generation has way too many people who are shy and expect things to come easy for them. There are not enough people out there that set goals and try there absolute hardest to achieve them.

In an article I found online written by someone’s opinion, Kayleigh Johnson believes that “the first-person narrative method gives the entire story the feeling of a conversation between two friends, and it is very enjoyable this way.” The way the narrator wrote the story was great. The guy that likes the girl isn’t scared to talk to a random stranger on the streets that he sees and tells him how he feels about that random girl, but he is scared to talk to the girl. I like the way that he used imagination and was telling the guy what he wished could have happened between him and the girl. The stranger barely talks, while on the other hand, the guy that likes the girl goes on and on about how he feels towards her.

In a website a found online, Andrew Wohlfeil makes a few nice comments. He says that “when someone states they met their 100% perfect match, it is an exciting event. In fact, not many people have an opportunity like that in their life, so knowing the author was given this opportunity, the tone starts out very bright and hopeful.” I agree with Andrew. When someone says they met someone perfect for them, you want to see why they are so perfect and what makes them feel that way towards the person. It gets you very excited and open-minded. I also agree with him when he says that not too many people have this opportunity because there are a lot of people out there that don’t or haven’t found someone that is 100% perfect for them. It is very hard to do that.

I found another website where critics state great opinions on this story. They say that “the story tells us that we don’t fall in love with people who are beautiful as in being Ms or Mr Universe but with people who are beautiful to us…they might not be 100% perfect (Beautifully Imperfect) but they are 100% perfect for us anyways. Sometimes we cross paths with them but things don’t go further because maybe we don’t muster the courage to express our feelings & the moments pass us by forever or maybe we have to let them go because perhaps the timing isn’t right.” I really like his opinion because people who actually look at the heart and other things besides beauty are very generous and kind hearted and are very much like me. As long as they are perfect for you then it shouldn’t matter how they look to anyone else. Also, towards the end of the comment, I agree because sometimes the timing is way off and you might have to