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Yvonne Cervantes 1
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English 1302 P03

4 November 2014
Analyzing Arguments
A) To my understanding the writer is trying to sell and favor the gentler over the counter brand “Acid Ease” over its competitor “Pepticaid”, which is also a gentler over the counter brand (Writer A). The author implies that doctors have prescribed the “full-strength Acid Ease” more than the “full-strength of Pepticaid”, therefore if people want a gentler but affective antacid they should opt for the brand “Acid Ease” (Writer A). I wouldn’t buy this product based on this claim because I can see that the writer is using argument to authority to buy its audience. One would have to ask themselves if the statistic, “Doctors have written 76 million more full-strength Acid-Ease than for full-strength Pepicaid”, is true and where they got it from (Writer A).
B) I believe that the speaker is promoting employment and business in “Spiessa’s restaurant industry” (Writer B). The writer’s claim is that the country has undergone advancement in society, which is the reason that the restaurant industry has grown and is expected to keep growing (Writer B). I would not buy into this claim because it seems as if the writer is making a hasty conclusion. The writer claims that the rise in the restaurant industry will keep rising because society is changing. Yet, that is wishful thinking, because one can’t guarantee that one idea can lead to another (Writer B). Therefore, pursuing employment in the restaurant industry based on the writer’s claim would be like taking…