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Nicholas Ramnarine
English 125

Mark Edmundson’s essay, “On the Uses of Liberal Education” expresses how professors can no longer do their job in teaching but only satisfy the needs of students. Edmundson’s essay was very long, reading through it I became interested in what he began describing. It was the end of the semester a quick survey represented feedback on his class. Many said they found the class to be “enjoyable” Edmundson became frustrated, the role behind a professor is to change people challenging what they have learned. Due to criticism he saw students do not want to be changed but just want to complete what is needed to pass the class.University students are portrayed as being averaged people, wanting to get by without having to put any effort into their work. Edmundson refers to university students as wanting to get easy grades and slide by. Being a student as well I do not see myself being the same. I approach education as a guideline to life the more you develop the more you get out of it. Edmundson states “ Teachers who really do confront students, who provide significant challenges to what they believe, can be very successful”(639). For a teacher to come up and tell me what I am doing wrong can be a big help. A personal experience refers to when I failed my calculus test. I did not question what my professor was teaching. I asked him how could I better myself, although it was my choice to take that advice it did benefit me. “There are of course terrific students everywhere”(635). Why would a student just want to slide by? The role of a student is to learn from what they're been taught accessing more knowledge. Looking at myself I take the responsibility in reviewing my notes, knowing what goes on in class. If I fail to meet certain goals then the only person held accountable is me. Unlike Edmundson’s university students who need to be woken up with a few jokes during class, I like being engaged. One of Edmundson fellow instructors implies “The students were engaged and the discussion was spirited”(665). Having a sense of pride where I could relate to the topic or elaborate on it when told to do so; it allows you to trust in your abilities. When a teacher puts you on the spot and you have information to back up your statement why should people look at you different? Edmundson states "most students seem desperate to blend in, to look right, not to make a speculate of themselves"(633). People find it hard to adapt to various environments. Yes everyone is different, Some just do not care while others go all out. Each generation sees its own transformation where people separate from others. "The current generational style isn't simply derived from culture and environment"(635). Referring to the university students who like being caught up with their generation staying distant allows you to be independent. Instead of being judged by others you survey your own purpose. For example people may say why are you here? Oh your focused on that? Yeah they may judge but you have the final judgement. A past experience of mine when I told close friends what I wanted to be in life, many laughed saying 'you do not have the potential'. I put in the time dedicating myself to pursue my goals. Gary Gutting emphasizes how "Students spend only as much time as they need