The Importance Of Spanish Soap Operas

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At the moment I barely have the time to watch television between work, school, dance classes, and rehearsals. But when I do have the time to relax and enjoy a television program I like to watch a Spanish soap opera entitled Amores Verdaderos when translated into English it means True Love. I’m very into Spanish soap opera cause of my Spanish background and also because ever since I was little I would go to my grand mothers house and I would sit and watch them with her. I also like to watch them for educational purposes to perfect my understanding and comprehension of the Spanish language that way I can communicate with my relatives you live in different states. I also enjoy watching them for the interesting story lines and the cute actors. I sometimes feel there a little over dramatic but I still like watching them, sometimes while watching I think to myself “ This only happens in Soap Operas”.
As of right now my least favorite show is MTV’s Jersey Shore. Some people are overly obsessed with the show and I really don’t even see what the big deal is its just a bunch of people getting drunk, partying, fighting, and giving our state a bad reputation.
When I go on vacation and I tell people I’m from jersey they go “ Jersey Shore Yeah” as if that’s what they think everyone in New Jersey does. And it really irritates me cause it’s not true. I some times tune in to see what’s happen but I get disguised from what I see girls not wearing underwear and tasteless outfits and I