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When analyzing a commercial, one should be aware and have a speculative mind. Commercials can attract many different audiences. It depends on how it is directed and what assumptions the director makes about the audience. There are multiple things that could appeal to a certain audience such as different types of scenarios that the audience can relate to and the way people react in those situations. Sometimes to express these concepts a commercial needs to be crazy. Throughout the years, the company of Axe has been attracting teens and young adults of both genders with its lunatic commercials. Their advertisement of the Axe Anarchy body spray on TV is a good example of a crazy commercial. Throughout the whole commercial, Axe made sure that there was at least one concept that would attract a certain audience to buy their supplies. As previously stated, Axe tends to have an audience consisting of teens and young adults of both genders. The way Axe attracts this type of audience to the commercial for the Axe Anarchy body spray is by giving it a sexual aspect. Since the group is of younger age, it is easier to attract them when explaining that Axe Anarchy could make them smell good enough to attract the opposite sex and possibly form a relationship. In the commercial it starts off with a girl and a boy at a restaurant, on the roof of a building, sitting at separate tables. They slowly turn around and face each other. At that moment, they are instantly attracted by the other and come closer together. The director uses that brief moment to show the audience how quickly someone will be attracted to them when they apply Axe Anarchy body spray to themselves. We all know that it cannot work that quickly but it still attracts the audience because it is explaining how good of a smell the body spray has. Continuing on with the commercial, the boy, without noticing, accidentally knocks a flower pot off the side of the roof. Next we see a girl walk over the broken flower pot and straight towards a male waiter. The waiter drops his plates and walks straight towards her. Once again the director is attracting the audience by showing the strong attraction between two genders when using the Axe Anarchy body spray. Another example would be when a bus crashes in the middle of the road. Apparently, there are girls in it that are part of a team and they simply get out of the bus like nothing happened. They then each walk towards the first guy they see. The director likes to elaborate on the fact that the attraction is so strong, the chaos happening cannot be stopped and just keeps spreading without anyone caring. The same concept is used throughout the whole commercial to get the point across. When it comes to assumptions, there are two obvious ones that the director is making about the audience. First of all, he/she assumes that the audience is consisting of people looking for relationships. Due to this, the director shows off the Axe Anarchy body spray’s attraction power. An example in the commercial would be when a guy on a moped spots a beautiful girl and jumps off his moped without even thinking. The moped simply continues by itself and crashes into a store’s window. The director loves to use destruction to get his/her point across. Even though there is chaos, the idea of the body spray aiding someone in getting a relationship is able to attract a bigger group to buy the supplies. Since the audience is of younger age, the director is able to form a second assumption. This would be that the audience consists of people who tend to forget about their responsibilities when they become interested in something. An example that expresses this assumption in the commercial would be when a worker at a pet store