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Julius Caesar

The responsibility of power effects the environment of human nature by causing destruction and heartbreak; readers also learn that power damage a majority of all relationships. In the play, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare the theme of corruption can make someone so arrogant that with the right amount of power it can lead to death. First, Brutus is a man whose motive is honorable even if people do not understand it. Next, Cassius envies Caesar's authority and power Last Anthony, demonstrates corruption when he seeks revenge, on the conspirators In the play, Brutus, Cassius, and Anthony strive for power, and become corrupted in the process. Brutus is a man who is, honorable and very likable, but he becomes corrupt throughout the play.
When Cassius wants to do an oath Brutus says, “[n]o, not an oath if not the face of a men, the sufferance of our souls the tears abuse if there be motives weak, brake all time and every men hence to idle bed”. (ii,I 13-17) Caesar is compared to a snake cannot trust him, which worries Brutus. Since Brutus read the letter he had nightmares, For example “[S]ince Cassius first did what me against Caesar, I have not slept”. (ii,I, 61-62) The letter says –Brutus wake up and see your good qualities, spoke out, against Caesar ‘strike’ get rid of him and red ress, Join the conspiracy ‘it’s the right thing-. More conspiracies want to talk to Brutus. In Brutus, speech he says, he loves Caesar, For example “[i]f there be any in this assembly any dear friend of Caesar, to him I say, that Brutus love to Caesar way no less than his, I love Caesar less, but that I love Rome more”. (iii,I, 17-21) Brutus loves the Roman people more than Caesar, (because he's honorable) Since Caesar is ambitious, Brutus kills him. Cassius is a significant men, but with jealousy of Caesar. When Cassius talks to Brutus he says, “[T]he old enchases bear, so from the wake of tiles, did I the tired of Caesar”. (ii,ii, 114-115) Cassius says that Caesar is above them, all that it’s not. Cassius endeavor killing Caesar For example “[a]s low as to thy foot doth Cassius, fall to by enfranchisement for Pullius Cimber" (iii, I, 50-57). Cassius is worried because he says; -I hope your plan goes well- .Cassius is jealousy of the people that love Brutus. For example “[s]top them, and see how many ages hence shall this our lofty scene be acted over”.