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Katy and Becky were two typical American teenaged girls. After school, they spent all of their time together, watching scary movies, having sleepovers, shopping for new clothes. They liked partying, keeping up with their friends , having fun and enjoying life. They had no way of knowing the horrible fate that life had in store for them.
Then one stormy, cold night katy and chloe decided to have a girls night out. They planned to sneak out to a nightclub as soon as their parents went to sleep. Isobella kissed her parents good night and went upstairs to bed. When she thought that everyone had gone to sleep, she took out her cell phone called her friend chloe and told her to meet her at the store down the street. Chloe agreed and hung up.
Isobella quietly opened her bedroom window, trying not to wake anyone. She stepped out onto the windowsill and climed down the drainpipe. As she walked down the deserted street, she got a strnage feeling that she was being watched. The hairs on the back of her hair prickled up. She glanced behind her, but she was alone, when she came to the corner store, there was nobody around, so she took out her cell phone and called chloe.
“I’m at the store where are you”, she said with fear “hurry up or I’m going home”
“What’s wrong?! Asked chloe cluelessly
I don’t know, replied isobella” this doesn’t fell like other night, something’s not right I have a bad vibe”
Stop it your just being paranoid don’t worry, laughed chloe, I’ll be there in 2 minutes
Isobella hung up the phone , but she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone or something was watching over her. Chloe turned up and the two walked together to the nightclub. The girls were too young to enter the nightclub, but what a coincidence the bouncer never asked them for their ID. They strolled in and pretty soon they started dancing and flirting with boys on the dancefloor .
Around 3am isobella was chatting to a cute boy who would atleast be 3 years older than her . suddenly she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.it was a message from her. It was her ex-boyfriends. She hadn’t heard from since they broke up 5 months ago.
Curiosity she looked around and saw her friend talking to some other man, so without saying a word to chloe, isobella walked out the nightclub. Just as she walked three steps another text appeared. It read “MEET ME AROUND THE CORNER NEAR THE DUMPSTER”
The street was dimly lit and deserted. Isobella had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something just didn’t feel right, but she told herself that she was being over cautious.
Inside the nightclub chloe was looking for her friend. After waiting for 20 minutes, she began to grow suspicious and impatient. She scanned the dance floor, but there was no sign of Isabella, she even checked the toilets but there were no sign. Just empty toilets.

At 3:30 am a relieved chloe got a text message from isobella
When she turned the corner ,she received another text
Chloe followed the the directions, crossing the dark gloomy lonely street. When she turned up at just before the place , she was confronted by a horrifc sight. Her heart almost froze in her chest
Isobella was hanging upside down from a street light in the parking lot behind the dumpster. Sparkling Halloween light were wrapped around her ankles. There was a large pool of blood below her. Her body was completely stripped of clothing, revealing deep wounds and revealing her chest and stomach.
With astonishment, chloe collapsed to the ground and began screaming hysterically . with anxiousness people who were standing outside the nightclubherad her cries and rushed over. When they turned the corner and saw isobellas bloody corpse hanging in front of them, they were