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English essay
How dose Shakespeare present love in much ado about nothing.
There are many different of love and we experience them in our lives. Family love, friendship love and romantic love are parts of everyday life and this is what Shakespeare was presenting to this audience in much ado about nothing. We get a sense of the relationships presents through the dialog of the characters, for example when leonato and hero talks as farther and daughter. Shakespeare also shows us romantic love through the characters of benedict and Beatrice, there love develops over the coerce of the play, they hate each other at the start but love echoer in the end. The bonds of friendship between don Pedro, Claudio, benedict; they got on with echoer they played tricks with echoer, this is shone when Don Pedro and Claudio set up benedict and Beatrice.

‘In much ado about nothing’ Shakespeare presents friendship love through the characters don Pedro, Claudio and benedict. He uses poetic language to show this.in act 4 seen 1 Claudio said to don Pedro ’’sweet prince you learn me noble thankfulness” Shakespeare is saying whatever friends do to echoer they love so much they will forgive echoer after anything they have done. Another example of this is taken from act 2 scene 1. “Thus answer I in name of benedict, but hear the ill news with the ears of Claudio.” This is showing that Claudio is saying that he hears the sick news and then he reacts on behalf of benedict.

Romantic love is shown in “much ado about nothing” Shakespeare presents romantic love through the characters benedict, Beatrice Claudio and hero. He uses poetic language to show this. An example of this is showed in act 1 scene 1 “in my eye she is the sweetest lady that I looked on”. This is saying that he thinks that i ever looked upon and she is so pretty. And another one is “I would scarce trust myself though I had sworn the contrary, if hero would be my wife. This is showing that he is saying she is mine and no one else I love her and we will be married at once. And this is another one” You have stayed me in a happy hour, I was about to protest I loved you.” This is showing that they hate each other in the beginning but love each other in the end. And they are saying love is not a weapon but a feeling. Family love is shown in “much ado about nothing” Shakespeare presents Family through the characters hero, Beatrice and Leonato. He uses poetic language to show this. An example of this is showed in act 2 scene 1 they use “daughter, remember what I told you.” He shows that they are family because they say daughter and farther and cousin. This shows that they love echo her. They have also used it in why, how now my cousin, wherefore sink down”? This is saying where did you go wrong why did you do this my lovely cousin.

In conclusion I think Shakespeare presents love in lots of different ways and expresses them in a variety of ways. The different types of love is romantic, friendship and family love. I thought that the love of Claudio and hero was a false love Claudio never said anything about hero’s