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The Joke’s on Them! JESSIE J reveals how playground bullies used to pelt her with stones, but finally gets the last laugh with her new single ‘Who’s Laughing Now?’

What do you think?

Chloe says…
“I think the track is probably based on Jessie’s personal experiences because you can feel the emotion within the music. This makes me feel a lot closer to Jessie. When I’m feeling down, I always listen to this song as a ‘pick me up’! My parents even caught me dancing around my bedroom and miming the lyrics into a hairbrush!”

James says…
“This song is a tune! It is catchy and inspirational. When the realities of day to day life make me feel low, this song helps me to realise that it is possible for me to do whatever my heart desires in the future. After listening to the lyrics, I feel on top of the world and like nobody could stop me from following my dreams”.

Georgia says…
“I have been bullied for as long as I can remember for being over-weight. It really got to me and I felt as if I had nowhere to turn to. This song helped me through the difficult times. It sounds silly but I actually thought of Jessie as a friend and role model rather than an international Pop star”.

Dan says…
“This track is a shot of confidence! I often listen to it before an exam followed by a can of Red Bull. Only after I’ve had my dose of this song do I feel ready to kick some arse!”

BULLYING IS CRUEL, NOT COOL! Remember, bullying is not just physical. If you are experiencing any form of bullying, you’re not alone. Do not