Scenario 2: Cost Club Human Resource Department

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Scenario Two: Cost Club Human Resources Department
University of Phoenix
Carlos Flores
HRM/546 Human Resource Law
Instructor: Christopher Fletcher
February 26, 2010

Abstract The new assistant manager (AM) receives an e-mail from his the HR manager Pat Fletcher requesting downsizing the HR department from eight employees to five. He wants recommendations of the three selected employees to be terminated. An explanation of what principles of employment laws that might apply to the three employees. What action should management take in preparation if any of the three employee file discrimination case and chances of the company win.
Recommended Employees Indentified for termination
I have identified the employee for termination
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The company would win in such case because we have provided attention to his needs.
Management actions and Incorporating legal references Top management and the HR department should work together and be ready for any discrimination claims that any of the three recommended employee might file claims due to their termination. The HR department should meet with each of them in private in our office to explain the reasons why the company has decided to terminate them. We should explain to each employee the laws that the company follows and that the terminations is based on our economy, cost factors and reduction in workforce. Since each employee can file a different discrimination case by providing the reasons and the company projections they should understand fully of the current company situation. We should explain to them that their position will be eliminated and taken over by the more experience remaining employees in the HR department. The company should give all three each employee’s advance notice of termination so they can make necessary arrangements in seeking employment elsewhere. The HR department should provide all information as to their rights, benefits with documentation to the labor department so they can take advantage of unemployment benefits. Since this termination is beyond our control we should ensure that the process is done in a timely and professional positive manner. The HR department should have in our