Essay on English: Nutrition and New School Meals

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Dear Parents,
I am writing to say to you that the new school meals are a delight to have, your child he/she is really enjoying their meals. They always finish all their food on their plate and that’s how much they like it. I myself will give you more details about their health and the food they serve on the menu later on in this letter.
Firstly, may I say that your child has pleaded that the food that they used to receive was all junk food and had a lot of fat inside it which wasn’t good for the bones and health system for your child. These are the foods which they used to serve;
Chicken Nuggets
No sorts of fruits or veg
The drinks they used to serve;
Basically all fizzy drinks
So that’s why we decided to change the menu as I really care about your kids health and at this age it is important for them to start having good and strong bones and also being healthy.
Secondly, you have found out what the school used to serve and obviously the reaction you parents would have had was, how dare they serve my kid a a lot of junk food and damage their bones but however when you look at this menu, i hope you can say to yourself..... Yes that’s a way better menu in such a delighted tone. You parents must be thinking..... What does this have in mind for the menus? So this is the food i serve the children;
Grilled Chicken
Fish Fingers
Cakes (specific cakes which has ingredients that are good for your heart)
Food which is good for the kids heart and which has got a lot of vitamins.
Still Drinks (Non-Fizzy)
Milk (good for your bones)
Basically that’s pretty much that this school serves now, so pretty much that’s why the kids love their new meals.
Above all, as you can see it’s a big improvement to this school serving fatty foods to your child which doesn’t make them healthy and it makes their bones weak and the menu that I have is way better as it’s healthier and gives your kids very strong bones. When I myself showed the kids what