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True Believer
Nicholas Sparks
Time Warner Book Group 2005
318 Pages
4 out of 5 stars

“He loves you, but you have to realize that he’s at peace now.”

So begins True Believer by Nicholas Sparks.
The author recounts the story of Jeremy Marsh a tall, dark, handsome and very successful writer from New York City. Therefore; his major thing was deciding whether to leave the city or stay. He met a girl and she became pregnant. He wanted to marry her and make things right, but everyone was against it because he barely knew her. As the plot unfolds, Jeremy Marsh must decide to move closer to Lexie in North Carolina, who is having his baby. True Believer is a four out of five star book that explores the themes of pregnancy, marriage and romance. Nicholas Sparks reveals these themes using Lexie and Jeremy. For example, the theme of pregnancy is shown through when Jeremy proposed and decided to move to North Carolina to be with Lexie during her pregnancy and the birth of their child. The strength of Nicholas Sparks is revealed in his characterization.
For example, the way he describes Jeremy, “He tried to resume the life he’d been living before he met Lexie.” (Sparks 303)
On the other hand, one flaw in the book is that he could have done a better job at describing Lexie. He described everything about their relationship, but not how her character was.
Finally, the book was an excellent read and I enjoyed it very much. There were times I was confused on some of…