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Caleb Sepulveda
English 1301


Success is one of those opinionated phrases. One could take the word success and think money, another power, another happiness. The definition of the word success in “Webster’s Dictionary” is, “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors, the accomplishment of one’s goals.”, success can be categorized into different levels based on that definition alone.

When I was little, I wanted to be a singer. I would stay awake at night and literally plan my first concert. I would sing day in and day out, and too my parents dismay I still do. I had a repertoire of songs that would be sung, I had a list of people I would invite, I would have married Hilary Duff and life would have been perfect. Over the years though, my dream became more and more unrealistic. Though a singer was the perfect career option as a ten year old, was it really setting myself up for success now that I was a senior in High School?

Success takes a lot of hard work, the things that was a missing concept as a kid was the odds of actually making it into the music industry. A lot of the success is based on where you come from. If you come from a household with money odds are that you have a bigger likelihood of being successful in what you do. That was my first major roadblock, my parents are teachers. Another factor of being successful is where you come from. I lived in Cypress, Texas my whole life. How many people famous people do you know from a suburban area in Texas? That was my second roadblock, location. Had I grown up in Los Angeles, or maybe even New York. Things might have been different. Determination is always another factor of success. How bad you want it. As a kid, and even still now. I would drop absolutely everything if you dangled a