Why Pluralism Is Pluralist

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Explain why Liberalism is Pluralist
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Pluralism is a core value of Liberalism and describes a society in which there is a tolerance of many different beliefs, movements and faiths. Alexis de Tocqueville, a French philosopher regarded pluralism essential for true democracy. Tocqueville believed that society is made up of many competing groups, power should be dispersed and not concentrated at the top in order to prevent the ruling class being too powerful.
Liberals believe individual choice and freedom are seen as crucial human rights, political pluralism coincides with this idea as democratic societies such as the UK allow a range of political views to be expressed through elections witch a variety of different political parties to chose from. This means government is permanently accountable to the people by general elections. This enhances a limited government as the electorate are free to participate and also have the power to remove an unpopular government. A limited government is a key concept to liberals.
The diversity which exists amongst individuals in society is promoted by the British political system. Parliament, both the House of Commons and the House of Lords sees itself as a mediator between the interests of the majorities and the minorities.
Liberals believe strongly in constitutionalism, constitutional changes are subject to a referendum and therefore consent by the people.
Parliament today enhances the pluralist idea that the state