Entrepreneurs in Canada Essay

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Entrepreneurs in Canada Do you remember when kids thought they could do anything? “THEY STILL CAN”. Because a lot of what we consider Impossible is easy to overcome because in case you haven’t noticed we live in a place where one individual can make a difference. For example just look at the people who built our country: our parents, grandparents our aunts and uncles, they were immigrants, newcomers ready to make the mark in the country but with nothing or perhaps they didn’t own anything except for a single brilliant idea. These people were Thinkers, Doers, and Innovators until they came up with the name of Entrepreneurs; specifically, Canadian entrepreneurs have several qualities that make them successful which can include confidence, competitiveness, creativity, and strong people skills.
These are the people who made us think about what is possible and have a clear vision of how life can be better for all of us, even when times are tough. If you are an entrepreneur you know that risk isn’t the reward. The rewards are driving innovation, changing people’s lives, creating jobs and fueling growth and making a better world. Deep down we all know that Canadian companies don’t conquer the world for a long time they might be at the highest level for a while till the time some one come and buys them out. But that’s not the story with RIM (Research in Motion) For years people thought it was about to come to an end but it has never been that situation yet. RIM the world’s fastest-growing company since the past three years and remains number 1 according to IDC in North America with about 32 million subscribers worldwide. Possibly Productivity makes this company more successful that other. For example, their company philosophy is