Essay on Organizational Behaviour

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February 12, 2013
BU 288 – S1
Dr. Marc Hurwitz
Christopher Notarianni – 110146380
Organizational Behaviour Assignment 1
The article that I have chosen for this assignment is entitled “Woman-owned businesses: Canada needs more female entrepreneurs,” written by Hadaf Zubi and published on January 30, 2013. The article addresses the fact that there are very few small-business female entrepreneurs compared to men. Of the 1.1 small businesses registered in Canada, Industry Canada’s most recent estimate states that 17% (approximately 187,000) of these firms are women employed in senior management positions. The article attempts to address some of the reasons as to why is it that men are taking over the management positions over women. One reason that is stated is the government is not providing any small business funding specifically for women to help them start their business. However, networking workshops and training programs are provided for women to meet and discuss their businesses with other inspiring entrepreneurs. Another element stated is leveraging supplier diversity, by setting aside funding for women who own small businesses which in return helps the government fulfill their stated goals that they strive to meet. The third element states increasing access to commercial capital and dedicated financial resources since Ontario loan volumes are declining.

This article relates to the course in many topics that we have discussed in class. One of the main topics that this article hits is diversity and how we live in an environment that is very stereotypical against women. The workforce sees women as taking on tasks that are seen as more feminine. However women are completely capable of doing the jobs just as well as men can. It seems as though women however may be intimidated by the role of CEO, or feel as though this stereotype is too overpowering and can see themselves as well as doing these feminine jobs. This article is great in that it informs