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A Raisin in the Sun Essay

A raisin in the sun is an awarding winning novel written by Lorraine Hansberry. This piece of literature gave an accurate portrayal of what it was like to be an urban African American family during time period. This story proved to be inspirational throughout many different generations. This book was made into a movie twice making it three versions. Because it was the easiest to understand, the most realistic, and visual I felt that the original movie was the best of the three. The first reason I chose the original movie was because it was easy to understand. When I read the A Raisin in the Sun I at times had trouble following along. But, when I saw the video I had no trouble following the book played out. As I watched the video the parts that I didn’t understand from the book were made clear from the effects of watching it play out in front of me. Unlike the second movie it stayed as accurate as it possibly could even saying parts of the book word for word. Watching the movie play out in front of me gave me the ability to see and hear the emotions of the characters that the story just couldn’t deliver for me. Making it the most realistic. The second reason I chose the original movie was because it was realistic. When you read a book every thing is has to be imagined. In the following movie it felt as though the actors were reading directly off a script making it hard to stay interested. On the other hand I had no trouble staying attentive while watching the first…