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Spending Time with Friends vs. Spending Time with a Dog

Hanging out with friends is great; however, some people would rather be spending time with ‘man’s best friend’. Spending time with friends is very similar to spending time with a dog but there are a few key differences between the two. Conversations with friends, rather it be a good or bad conversation, can be a gateway to expressing feelings, emotions and knowledge, and can be fun! Most people talk to certain friends because they have common interests and desires which give way for more conversation. People like talking to other people that agree with their ideas or lifestyles. On the other hand, talking to a dog is like talking to a wall. The pet has no idea what the person is saying. Also, a dog cannot talk, so any conversation someone has with it is very one-sided and will end quickly. However, a dog can seem like a great listener and friend no matter what mood the person talking to him is in. A dog will love on the person no matter what he says. If an argument breaks out between two friends, it could lead to more disagreements, holding grudges, or even the ending of the friendship all together. A dog could care less about what the person says. There are many games made for a person to play with their friends. Card games, board games, guessing games and physically active games are all examples of the types of games one can play with his friends. One contributing factor to playing games with friends is the competitiveness that can arise out of both people trying to win. If someone tries to play a card game with their pet, it will probably give them a confused look before stepping on the game trying to get next to them. The games one plays with their dog are non-competitive and can last until the person or the dog one gets too tired to play. Playing a game called ‘Fetch’ with a ball or Frisbee is an example of a friendly game you can play with your dog. If an argument breaks out between two