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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

I was having issues deciding what I wanted my major to be. The two majors that spark my interest are medical billing and American Sign Language. I have decided to take medical insurance billing as my major because the medical insurance billing program is a short program, it will make me employment ready, and there is room for growth in the medical profession.

My first reason for selecting medical billing is the program term is shorter. The Medical Billing program needs fewer credits to complete. It only requires 20. I can complete this program quicker and be ready for the working world. Even if I am going to school part time, I can be finished within a year. The faster I am done with the program, I will be able to leave my current job and get a job in my field of choice.

My second reason for selecting medical billing is I will be ready for the workforce once I am done with the program. This is important because, although it is a certification program, most employers only require certification to obtain employment. That is an important factor in getting hired. I will also have options for my work settings. I can choose from a hospital, medical offices, or even an insurance company. I have been doing research, and it seems as if hospitals pay the most to their employees. A hospital will definitely be my first choice.

My third reason for selecting medical billing is it leaves room for growth in the medical field. The medical field is