An Analysis Of 'The Humbug'

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Karolina Altamirano
Class 2D The Humbug
This passage The Humbug is from the book the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. The quote is when Dorothy and her friends realized that great Oz is not a real wizard, he is only a cheater. The great Oz lied for many years to all the people in the Emerald City, and all the time he changed his face to make people believe he was a wizard. The passage is asking me, my impression of the wizard.
I think the people who are lied to won't trust the people who lie to them again because they've lost their trust. I wasn't surprised with this passage because in chapter eleven the great Oz asks dorothy and her friends to kill the wicked witch. If he had power he would kill the witch. I think the wizard doesn't have any power, and thats why he asks dorothy to kill. If he was the great Oz of the land he could do whatever he wants; however, he told Dorothy to do what he couldn't do because he didn't have power and the witch was dangerous for him. Also the people of the land saw the great Oz with different faces; furthermore, if he was a real man, and he didn't lie, he wouldn't have to change his face. In addition, if the great Oz had power he wouldn't have to ask who is it because he’s supposed to have magic, so the great Oz was a liar and he tricked to the people in the land.
All the time the presidents of the countries lie to us to get power. For example, the presidents lie to us during the campaign, they promise all the country to get votes. When they get

the powers they don't do anything, such as the president of Ecuador. He promised to help poor people to get a better life. However, the president never did anything to help them. As a result, the poor people make many things to survive like stealing things or money from other people.
From another point of view, the president of the U.S, promised to make a law to help the immigrants because he knew that immigrants will help him to win with their votes.
Sometimes the magazines and the newspapers published stories that are not. For example, one magazine published photos of president Chavez, and this magazine said “the president is ok and maybe in two months he will back to the command.” However nobody has seen the president since the last operation…