Essay About Immigration In America

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Going back to the first settlers, America has been a place of constant immigration. Throughout the years, people from all parts of the world have traveled a long way in hopes of achieving the American dream. With coming here to the U.S, many immigrants are forced to go through tribulations like racism, money issues and facing charges where they go to jail for being an immigrant. Even when going through the worst, immigrants have given their all with having a better life in the U.S which led to not only improving their own lives, but improving life in the nation. From the hard work to creative minds, Immigration is affecting the U.S by improving the economy, changing schools and changing the culture. When visiting popular places like New York, …show more content…
Even though 16 percent of immigrants make up the American workforce, they make up twenty percent of dental, nursing and health aides and over thirty percent of all software developers according to the EPI report. Besides statistics, immigrants contribute to the U.S by supplying goods like different crops, clothing and food. When bringing their economic strategy’s to the U.S, they’re expanding the amount of ways to increase the country’s economy, this being very beneficial. Many immigrants come to this country to either start or to improve their own businesses. The fact that they are starting businesses is already good news due to it helping the economy boost especially since it is easy for it to crash. The more businesses, the better road the nation is taking. Also, many businesses in the country are owned by immigrants need others to work for them. Businesses like corner stores, buffets, restaurants and own clothing stores owned by immigrants open job opportunities for Americans in which are looking to apply for any jobs. This keeps the job availability up to where it needs to be which results into a fluent economy. With producing goods, starting businesses and creating employment, immigrants have had a change in the American