Essay About Relationships In The Great Gatsby

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In many books, any genre, there is always a relationship between two characters. The relationship between those characters could be a friendship, marriage, or a fling. All types of relationships are in The Great Gatsby, but they have a twist to them. All relationships are false, neither person is in the relationship for the right reasons. In the more serious relationships, both people either have an affair or they love each other for the wrong reasons. In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays relationships as fraudulent. The first and most obvious false relationship is Tom and Myrtle’s fling. Tom and Myrtle’s relationship, they don’t truly love each other. Tom only loves Myrtle for things she is good at and things that she has in her life. For example, Tom loves Myrtle because she was able to give Tom the time of his life when they were having sex. “Tom and Myrtle's relationship was mostly centered on love. Myrtle loves Tom for his money while Tom doesn't love myrtle, just their flings” (Patterson). The love between Tom and Myrtle is …show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald portrays relationships as fraudulent. There are many more relationships, friendships, and flings in The Great Gatsby. All these relationships and friendships are false. They do not show real love besides a few relationships. That relationship is between Jay Gatsby and Daisy. They both truly loved each other. They did not love each other for what the other, they loved each other because of each other’s personality and why the memories they had together. If Gatsby did not truly love Daisy he would have not searched for her. If Daisy did not truly love Gatsby, she would not have told Tom they were done. No other relationships or friendships in this book were like theirs. All of the other relationships were for the wrong reasons. Fitzgerald portrayed all these relationships in the book in different ways and showed the fakeness of all characters and their