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Pasteur and Koch

Louis Pasteur was a French scientist who made a lot of his discoveries when working in a wine company. Pasteur’s work allowed him to build and work on a theory was the first to think of a link between germs and disease. Robert Koch was a German scientist who was one of the first founders of bacteriology, and was an important part of the building on Pasteur’s work in identifying specific germs witch cause disease.
Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)
Louis Pasteur had a theory that germs might be able to attack the human body from the outside of the body, but other scientists disagreed with his theory as they believed that the human body just got germs unexpectedly. In 1854 he was granted US patent for Improvement in Brewing beer and Ale pasteurisation. Pasteur then worked within the textile industry finding a cure for the disease affecting silk worms. He also found cures for chicken cholera, anthrax and rabies.
The Pasteur Institute was opened in 1888. During Louis Pasteur’s lifetime it was not easy for him to convince others of his ideas and what he thought about germs and the spread of disease. These theories were controversial in their time but are now today, considered absolutely correct. Pasteur fought hard to convince surgeons that germs existed, carried diseases and that dirty instruments and hands could spread germs and therefore disease. Pasteur’s pasteurisation process killed germs successfully and prevented the spread of disease.
Robert Koch (1843 – 1910)
Koch developed a new experimental method to the test whether a particular microorganism is the cause of a disease. Building on Pasteur’s work on germ theory, Koch used experiments to prove that the bacterium Bacillus Anthracis was the cause of