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Not Just Chance
A coincidence is usually defined as two or more events or conditions that are closely related, either by time, space or form. In these events or conditions, even though they are closely related and happen in sync, they share no relationship to each other. There is no cause and no effect, and instead it is simply an occurrence that just happens and for no apparent reason, other then their probability and likely hood. With this in mind, I disagree with the term of a coincidence happening in life. I believe in synchronicity, the idea that when two or more events or conditions occur at the same time, space or form, but are not closely related at all, there is meaning. In life there are infinite possibilities, no two people are alike and yet if put into a math equation, this seems impossible. Life is unexplainable, it is hard to understand yet incredibly profound. Sometimes it is great and sometimes it couldn’t get much worse. Not only is life unexplainable it is confusing. Humans cannot wrap their brains around all of the wonders of the earth, they cannot duplicate the beauty and cannot re create the imagination of a human. Life is absolutely phenomenal, and not just an accident or a coincidence in time. There is reason. The reason is simple, but as we live each day, do we know that reason, probably not. It was the spring of 2010, I switched high school my junior year. I met new friends and was reacquainted with old ones. Eventually it was about a third of the way through the year when I met a guy in my math class, we became good friends and started dating. By the end of 2011 we were inseparable. It wasn’t until January of 2012 when he and I were looking at a yearbook and found a picture of the both of us in kindergarten. At this point it couldn’t get much odder than that,