Essay On Trophy Hunting

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Why should we have laws on trophy hunting? Every year trophy hunters kill the biggest, and rarest animals. In an article I’ve found the author talks about how the trophy hunters are killing a lot of animals and endangered species. One of them was the black rhino which was officially declared to be extinct. We should consider putting laws on trophy hunting because killing animals shouldn’t be a sport or contest in which person kills the biggest and rarest animals instead of killing them we need to help them survive so they won’t become extinct. For my first reason as to why we should consider on having laws on trophy hunting is because it causes unnecessary pain and suffering to the animals that they hunt. In the article Hunting by peta, the author states, “A study of deer hunting found that 11 percent of deer killed by hunters died only after being shot two or more times and that some wounded deer suffered for more than 15 minutes before dying.” When the …show more content…
Here's Why They're Wrong.” She states that, “hunters pay roughly pay $200 million each year for big game hunts, only around 3 percentage of those funds go to local communities, and the amount dedicated to conservation efforts is nearly negligible. The overwhelming majority of hunting fees ends up lining the pockets of middlemen, large companies and local governments.” Not all the money goes to local communities like you think. The majority of the money goes to other places. In conclusion that is why we need to make laws on trophy hunting so we can save more animals and treat them with respect instead of using parts of the animal's body as trophies because there’s no point when all they do is hang it up on a wall. So if you agree with me then we should make laws to at least out a limit on trophy hunting regarding to how many animals they are allowed to kill a