Essence Magazine Marketing Analysis Essay

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Who is the ad targeted at?
The main target market is women. The ad is targeted at women who enjoy using nail polish on their nails and designs that they can create. This can be concluded by looking at the title “Fashion at your fingertips” giving the idea that you can have fashionable nails that is affordable and easily accessible. The women are of various ethnicities because in the ad you can see various skin tones on the women’s hands that are displayed. The ad further targets women who are busy and looking for a quick manicure in minutes of good quality. Does the product satisfy a need, a want, or a demand?
The product satisfies a want because women desire a particular product that is offered by
Sally Hansen. Wants are
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The link to their website is above the logo and consumers can possibly go to the website to look for coupons

Does the advertisement address any macroenvironment issues?
Economic: The ad addresses economic issues by stating in the paragraph below the color quick that consumers can get a manicure in minutes and fashionable designs by doing it themselves. The ad was featured in August 2010’s issue of Essence and during this time people were still very concerned with their economic situation. Consumers may be thinking twice about spending $20-$30 on manicures at the nail salon.
Natural: The ad posts at the bottom that the nail pens are toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde free. These chemicals are seem to be harmful to the air space that consumer’s thrive in while painting their nails.

Is the ad effective?
The ad is effective at displaying the new products developed by Sally Hansen that offers fashion at the fingertips of their consumers. It features the different styles that can be recreated using the Sally Hansen’s pens that can recreated by the consumer. The designs are blown up on the page so that consumer’s can easily take the advertisement and keep them for their records and try to design their nails. Sally Hansen also displays the other colors consumer’s can purchase. The fact that you can wipe the colors off easily if a mistake is made is another benefit from the