Ethical Principles Essay

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Ethical Principles
John Durham III
March 7, 2016
Dr. Daven Salmi

Ethical Principles
The ethical issue that I chose to examine was an article about the relationship between ethical and abusive coaching behaviors and student-athlete well-being. I found this article very interesting because not a lot of people are aware of the ethical issues that have been and are currently going on in the athletic background. Believe it or not there are many ethical issues that relate to psychology in the athletic field.
Ethical Issues in Collegiate Athletics One of the biggest ethical issues in collegiate athletics was the abusive behaviors of the coaches to the athletes. This is a big ethical issue because the actions
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These mechanisms have big impacts on the personal, relational, and team performance. Lack of these mechanisms can have negative effects on how the athlete performs. The article also explains how important ethical leadership is has its effect on coaching behaviors. An ethical leader is seen as a person who is honest, trustworthy, caring and respectful to others. Ethical leaders are also moral manager who set ethical standards and should be and hold others accountable when those standards are violated. When athletes are treated with respect by a coach who demonstrates ethical leadership behavior, the athletes are more likely to treat competitors with respect. Whenever the ethical leadership is negative to the team, then the team will have the willingness to cheat. An example of when a situation like this happened is the “deflategate football.” This incident shows where the head coach and the other coaching staff used negative ethical leadership that lead the players to cheat by deflating a football so that it would be easier to catch and throw during bad weather. This action caused investigation to where players and coaches were both disciplined in the outcome.
Abusive Coaching Like the example that I stated, there are many occasions where ethical leaders explore the dark side of leadership. There have