Event Management And Marketing Essay

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Event Management and Marketing
Student Gaelic Football

A critical analysis of the marketing mix and its effectiveness, for the event implemented

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1. Aims and Objectives
2. Events Descriptions
3. Pre-Event Process
4. Process Evaluation
5. Outcome Measures
6. Critical Reflection of the Event Day
7. References
8. Appendix

Aims and Objectives
Organisational objectives can be set when specific targets/ambitions are to be achieved in an event. Hoye et al. (2012) states these can be set as markers when trying to reach a certain target and the objectives reflect the achievements that must be made along this path. Watt (2003) also reported that organisational objectives are crucial when hosting and delivering an event.
To create and host a successful event that will help increase participation levels within the university and create a long lasting legacy in Gaelic Football that will continue after the event has finished.
To promote and increase the participation levels of students attending the ‘just play’ sessions (current offer of Gaelic Football). To create and build new social opportunities for students.
To increase awareness of the niche sport amongst the university students.
See appendix 1 for table on student’s motives to participate in the event.

Event Description
The event was a Gaelic Football event looking at increasing the levels of participation at the university. The target audience for this even was level 4 Leeds Trinity University students. The reason for this was that the university halls occupied around 575 students (Leeds Trinity University, 2014) making the event easily accessible. Looking at the statistics published HE Sports Survey (2012), two thirds of students participated in any sporting activity and those living in halls more likely to participate. The event started being non-competitive however as there was very little interest was generated, Stanne et al. (1999) suggested that in competitions people can only reach their goals at the expenses of others so the event was changed to competitive with the winners receiving prizes.

Pre- Event Process
The Marketing mix aims to satisfy and meet customer needs or wants by applying a combination of the following 4 components Product, Price, Promotion and Place (Shone & Parry, 2004). This strategy can be