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Example Essay

Professor Marie Webb


June 24, 2015

The World Can’t Live Without a Vitamix

Most people own a blender at some point in their life and it sits unused and abused on their kitchen countertop, or even hidden away in a cupboard down low. Unfortunately, not many people choose to buy a Vitamix, one of the most expensive and powerful blenders on the market. The day that my mouth tasted home made almond butter made from a Vitamix, was a day I’ll never forget. I was at my best friend Lauren’s house, and couldn’t believe how delicious and rich the almond butter tasted; it was nothing like I had every purchased before. That day inspired me to become healthier and start blending more of my own foods instead of buying processed and pre-packaged means from the grocery store. The Vitamix is meaningful to our society and me because health is important. First of all, the Vitamix blender itself has a name that creates health awareness. In Latin countries, “vita” means life. For many more of us, “vita” is associated with the word “vitamin.” When people buy a Vitamix, they don’t just call it a blender. Most everyone calls it by its brand name, and that is because it is an enjoyable and trendy name to say. I know when I say that I’m going to go use my Vitamix, I instantly feel good about my health. I know that I am about to mix up a concoction of fruits and vegetables that my body will enjoy. My Vitamix reminds me to eat healthy. When I see it sitting on my kitchen counter, the simple, white name shouts out at me to get my daily vitamins. Our society should sell more products with names like the Vitamix because it sets a good example to take care of our health. With all of the easy access to junk food, we need to have products that are efficient as possible to protect our health. Sometimes I need a break from eating healthy, and I pick up some donuts or ice cream. We can’t eat perfect all the time. But, the Vitamix is a product that gives its consumers a healthier smoothie, bowl of soup, or whatever it is they are cooking. The Vitamix has a powerful motor that most regular blenders don’t have. When you are blending up tough vegetables such as carrots or even potatoes, the Vitamix can handle it. Many people might peel potatoes when the make mashed potatoes because they don’t like the taste, or many people might just buy a pre-packaged box of potatoes loaded with salt. The Vitamix is so fast, that it will pulverize the potatoes skin so small that you cannot taste it, and it is quicker than microwaving the processed potatoes. The Vitamix also outperforms juicers. A cup of carrot juice might contain 2 grams of fiber, but a Vitamix juice might have 8 grams because it doesn’t waste any pulp. The Vitamix is one of the most efficient products on the market to protect our health. The Vitamix is not only efficient at protecting our health, but also…