Examples Of Being A Person With Good Character

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In my point of view, to be a person with good character means that you should be nice and friendly to people around you, and try to help those people who need help. Being a person with good character means that you respect other people. Using my real experience as an example. When I was in elementary school, I went to a nursing house in my hometown in China with my friends. The first thing we do was to serve dishes. Some old people were really old and they can’t even talk clearly so the only thing we could do is trying our best to hear from them and make them satisfied. Though serving is really a hard thing, after we’ve done, I found that waiters and waitresses are not easy and full of difficulties. The second thing we did was talking with them. At first I though that talking with old people would be annoying because they always talk a lot, but actually we really had a good time. We listened to them talking about their family, how were their children and how cute their grandchildren were. And the last thing we did was cleaning their rooms. After this activity, I found out that helping other people is really a fun thing; it can make our hearts be stronger and help us shape our characters. It also deals with showing our respect to others, especially the old. And another experience is joining Love Heart Society in my old high school in China. I remembered one time, one graduates from our school had an injury and really needed money for an operation. We gathered all our members…