Examples Of Evil In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Evil is in the Eye of the Beholder To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a fictional tale that showcases a young girl who is figuring out how the world works and her place place in it. As she grows up she learns about feminism, prejudice, inequality,and various evils that occur in this world. Whether society realizes it or not the world has changed. Sure technology has changed but human beings have too. It is almost as if generation by generation the human race has slowly degraded, but how? How is it that evil has incorporated itself into society? How, does one learn to be evil without truly becoming evil? Children learn evil from tv, media, parents, besides that we may even be born evil. However, they remain pure because of the morals and teachings given by their authorities. First of all, technology has evolved and completely changed the way humans communicate, learn, and interact with the world. “ Novels and TV shows for children and teens have grown increasingly darker, and access to the internet provides a grim wonderland of tales and images”(Ramsland 1). Many take for granted the access children …show more content…
School is a great place for children to learn bad habits. School is a giant place that allows children to get bullied, and have their problems spread among hundreds of other kids, Anna Arango describes her feelings about school shootings and other evils when she exclaims, “Then there are the school murders; children killing children, with guns, with words, with taunt and ostracism, besides the plethora of common misdeeds: personal vendettas, crimes of passion, family feuds, attacks and reprisals, gang rapes, battered wives, and abused children.” (Arango 2). Young children sit around and watch what happens at their schools, they watch the older kids bully other kids, they sit and witness everything the world has to offer, right in their own