Examples Of Leadership Manifesto

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I believe I’m a transformational leader because I depend on high levels of communication from superiors and subordinates to meet goals. I’m a leader who likes to motivate others and enhance productivity and efficiency through communication and high visibility. I like leadership along with peers and subordinates to be involved in and out of the work place to help meet goals. I’m a leader who would like to focus on the big picture within my organization and be able to delegate smaller tasks to team members and subordinates to accomplish different goals. One who takes initiative in getting tasks completed whether I’m asked to or not and keeping the morale tempo up and making it a good experience for everyone. A leader that is very open to constructive criticism and can listen even though I may not like what I’m hearing, but take in account and apply the criticism if it’s a more logical way to complete a task at hand. Simply being said, I am a leader who likes to take charge, inspire and motivate those around me, push team members to new challenges and rewards, and overall complete the mission on a day in day out basis to the best of my ability.
I would associate myself as both the productive/relationship-oriented leader style. I’m constantly wanting to be involved with my fellow wingmen/airman whether it be supporting, directing, participating, or achieving a goal or purpose. I’m one who strives towards a positive workplace at all times, treating others with mutual respect and kindness to eliminate negativity that can affect the mission. I always try to stay open-minded and encourage open-mindedness amongst my fellow airmen so that they learn to respect each other’s thoughts and opinions as well as mine, but also have them understand that the final decision will always rest in my hands.
I want to be an NCO (non-commissioned officer) that reflects and upholds the rules, foundations, responsibilities, and standards that the Air Force has set for me. I want my subordinates to know my standards at all times and to keep those standards. I also want my airman to know that they can talk to me know matter what! I know we all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, ect.. but it’s important for me to instill in them that high level of care I have for them and their well being, because when we wear this uniform none of that stuff matters, we’re no longer individuals. When we put this uniform on we become a team, or better yet a family. A family who