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The definition of technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.” When cellphones were invented, they were used just to call someone in case of an emergency when they were not home. But now, there are smartphones that are used to play Candy Crush and to check up on Instagram. This has made people too dependent on technology. 52% of people who were surveyed claimed that the majority of their time spent on their phone was because they were bored, which was not the original use for cellphones. Almost everything we do in life has some sort of technology influence and because of this, some people in society cannot live without their technological devices. Cellphones have become our generation’s security blankets. There was a study done at the University of Maryland to see how students would react without any technology for 24 hours. They studied kids from ten different countries and had the participants record how they felt during that period and the results were worse than they predicted. The students said that they felt anxious, insecure, restless, nervous, and depressed without their electronic devices. One even went far enough to associate the withdrawal from his cellphone to being like a “phantom limb.” No object should be that vital in a person’s life that makes them feel this way. Not only are we so dependent on our electronics, but this dependency has made interacting with people in person much more difficult. Years ago, back when my parents were kids, cellphones didn’t exist. If they wanted to talk to someone, they had to walk to their door and speak face to face. Speaking to people was an easy and common thing to do back then but not anymore. The texting world has allowed people to contact each other faster and easier than ever, but is that really a great thing? In reality, it has more cons than pros.