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Exercise Adherence Factors And Strategies And How To Overcome Them

Getting started and continuing an exercise program can be a challenging yet rewarding task. Fifty percent of those who begin an exercise program will drop out within six months. This is due to exercise adherence factors. This includes the cost of exercising, the lack of time we have to exercise, lack of motivation and access of facilities. These factors limit someone’s willingness to commit themselves to an exercise regime however, there are many way to overcome these.

Time management is a very important part of everyone’s life. These days, the number of people struggling to find time for themselves is increasing, let alone time for exercising. Their list of priorities continue to grow, and exercising is not one of the top three. For example, a single mother of two boys may have exercising on her mind one second, then a single call from the school telling her that football practice finishes early would crush that thought. It is situations and lifestyles like this which would make the thought of all that extra effort needed unbearable.
But to be honest, finding time for exercise may not be easy, but it is far from impossible. Organising your time is vital and not that hard. You need to have a plan or an allocated part of the day, such as lunch break, dedicated to exercise. Or you could give your Saturday mornings up and go for a run or a couple of hours at the gym while your kids are at their aunts or a club. It is important that you get into a weekly exercise routine with which you feel comfortable with and will aid you in your exercise adherence.

These days, being a member of a gym or a health club can be quite expensive. And with the ever increasing prices and rising taxes, it wont become cheap any time soon. There are also the gas and water bills which have more priority for people. So after paying off all those bills and mortgages, how much money is left for exercising?
You don't need any. That is the simple truth. The beautiful thing about exercising is how easy it is to get started with limited to no amount of equipment. The amount of facilities we take for granted and cost absolutely nothing is mind boggling. Your local park, for instance, gives you easy access to a large, public area for activities such as running. Cycling can also be relatively inexpensive with the purchase of a second hand bike and is a perfect substitute for the expensive ones you see at the gym. These days, they also give offers on gym memberships and have a wide array of deals. So as long as you want to exercise, money should not be a problem.

Finding the right facilities when exercising is vital for the enjoyment and hence your adherence to exercise. This relates to the availability of the equipment and the distance to which you have to travel to make use of it. The facilities however, may not be affordable and in such an inconvenient location it is not worth the hassle to even try. People who may live far out in the suburbs may find it very difficult to get to a local gym because of the distance.
However, an easy way to overcome this annoying problem is to make use of the facilities around us. Many equipment used for exercising can be easily substituted for general house facilities, also making it free of charge. For example, using bags of flour instead of dumbbells or cycling instead of having to buy an exercise bike which costs thousands of pound. The possibilities are endless and as long as you are dedicated to exercising, everything will begin to seem like gym equipment to you.

Motivation is what gets us through those last ten crunches, its what keeps us running for another two miles. Its what keeps us working towards a goal, and motivation within exercise is what will have the biggest influence on our ability to remain dedicated to our…