Expectations For NCC Online Learning

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The following are the expectations for your NCC Online Learning course, BIOS 105.

> The instructor for this course is expected to provide clear, concise and complete information on all assignments and assessment components and to provide feedback in a timely manner.

> The instructor for this course is expected to respond to all student comments and questions in a respectful and timely manner, to facilitate learning with a high level of interaction and, to hold to standards indicative of the academic excellence required by NCC.
> In order to stay connected and engaged in this class, it is expected that there will be a great deal of interactivity, not just between student and the content (web site, text book, etc.) but also between the student and the instructor and the other students in the class. Students and instructors can expect to be involved in the course site at least 3-4 times each week throughout the semester and should check NCC e-mail at least every other day.
> It is expected that students will understand that distance learning is not easier than on-campus learning and is not self-paced but follows a semester schedule in which students and instructor work together in an online learning community. You will be performing the same work on the same schedule as the on-campus students. You should anticipate spending 9 - 12 hours a week on this course depending on your course load, work schedule, reading speed, and study habits during a short, intensive 16-week semester. Allocate your time accordingly!
> It is expected that student conduct in this course will contribute to and support an online learning community that shows evidence of honesty, responsiveness, relevance, respect, openness, and empowerment* for students to take responsibility for their own learning. *Palloff & Pratt (1999) in Building Learning Communities Online Jossey-Bass: CA.
> Students are expected to be prepared prior to class participation and to discuss and answer questions on the content and its relevance to their individual and group experience. Their participation will be a factor in their grade for this course.

> Contributions to discussions are expected to be constructive, relevant and to contribute to the group knowledge in a way that either introduces new information or confirms, supports or challenges previous thoughts and statements.

> Students are expected to submit all assignments and complete all assessment components by the due date unless otherwise negotiated in advance. Stating that a submission will be late is NOT negotiation and NOT acceptable. Failure to notify the instructor about a problem will be considered a missed deadline. Any submission received after due date will not earn full credit and will not be accepted. Late participation and postings to the discussion board or gradebook will receive a zero. Conference participation may not be made up under any circumstances.

> There is no extra credit available for this course. All work must be completed by the last day of class.

> It is expected that all students will keep a copy of work submitted as back-up in case of error or dispute. In addition, all students are expected to use their NCC Spartan username@spartan.northampon.edu for this course. If a student should choose to use another account, he or she does so at the risk of having the email ignored or deleted as ‘junk mail.’ In the case of a submission dispute, the issue may not be reviewed by Online Learning if the student did not use their spartan.northampon.edu account.

> It is expected that any work submitted by a student in this course for academic credit (including lab reports, written assignments and exams) will be the student's own work, either individually or as part of a group. Students may not submit copies of partners' work under any circumstances.

> Students are expected to use complete English sentences with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in all