Explain How Working Practice Can Affecting Children's Development

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As an early years practitioners it’s our duty to observe and maintain correct procedures to keep the children safe and healthy. This is why we do observations and planning to make sure the children’s development is at the stage where it should be or if its not then plan to help children who need that extra bit of help. When working with children we have to make sure that we always communicate with other members of staff, carers and parents. Also make sure we always keep up to date with any child’s information whether it maybe from home or within the setting. We have key children so if a member of staff is off sick or on holiday and one of there key children do a activity or something spontaneous we make a note of what the child has done and keep it safe for there key worker. If they feel it fits in with the child’s plans it’s up to them to keep it, or they may decide otherwise. We base activities around the children to help support them and help them grow and develop. We always ensure that activities are not centred a round one specific child or children, we bring the children together as a group. But make sure we also notice each child’s individual needs. Some children may not work well in groups so they may have to have a one on one with a key worker or a familiar adult. When working with children we have to ensure we have a firm routine and good structure in place. We also have to ensure we notice any change in children’s behaviour as this may effect there learning or eating, this may be down to the fact that they are going through transitions at home, whether it may be a move of house, loss of family members, parent splitting, new…