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Facility Issue Paper
Facility issues have been a topic that sport teams are starting to hear to more and more lately. As stadiums or arenas have an abundant of events during their respective seasons more problems arise whether it is the Facility itself or the community around it. Taking care of a facility involves a lot of maintenance and training that requires leadership and staff. Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology (International Facility Management Association). To better resolve situations regarding issues in facility, professional teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will ask for a feedback of the community and fans.
One of the most controversial arguments around the NFL for years has been whether to have a closed, open, or retractable stadium (Kaduk, 2013). A lot of teams have switched to closed stadiums due to weather, but some have stayed because they believe football is meant to be played outside. Facilities are always in questioned when it comes to natural occurrences such as rain or snow. As I experienced firsthand, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do a great job keeping fans in control in any circumstance.
When trying to plan to build a stadium it comes with lots of requirements and preparation. One thing you have to consider is the surrounding community and if noise complaints are going to be a problem. For Example, a concert is playing at Raymond James Stadium and it is loud enough the community complains about the noise. In this situation, they will try and make the sound of the concert lower. I would just tell the community we are having the concert the day before and warn them of loud noise and resolve the issue any way possible.

An issue that has been around sports for years is parking and how it affects the community around the facility. For Instance, fans would just park on a random person’s lawn and not tell the owner. Facilities, like the Tampa bay Buccaneers have done a really god job on making sure there is enough parking space for the fans…