Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Dear Noelle, You are a very quiet person in class. I never here you talk that much. However, you bring good discussions to talk about in class. You are very intelligent and very enjoyable. To start off, the book, Fahrenheit 451 was a fascinating book. It had included a big theme of censorship. Censorship was a tremendously important theme in this book. For instance, in the book they had said that books were banned in the future. However, there was so logical explanation. They just did not care about books and were all being burned. I can’t believe that they would just burn the book; it had cost a lot of money to print and publish them. I was very angry at that fact and wanted to show them that books are important. In addition, the citizens had lack of interest towards books because there was such a high demand for television. They believed that it was much easier to watch TV than to actually read a book. Thus banning books from society, had angered some civilians too fight against the problem. For example, Guy Montag had started to rebel against the society and had secretly kept books hidden in his home. I was happy that Montag had stood up against the society and rebelled. Overall on censorship, censoring an important part of society, can destroy and corrupt the whole system. Second of all, there were important symbols in the book, Such as, “The Hearth and the Salamander, The Sieve and the Sand”, and “The Phoenix”. To start of the Hearth is another name for the fireplace which represents the heat of society. It’s because there were many problems occurring in the book. Also, the salamander is a cherished creature because during ancient times they believed that salamanders could not be killed in fire. The salamander represents Clarisse because her ideas and beliefs could not be burned or destroyed. Next, the Sieve is represented as a mind while the sand is represented by information. This was saying that Montage was filling his mind up with information of why books were so special. This is related to putting sand in the sieve (bucket). Lastly, the phoenix represents the town because after it was bombed, they had to rebuild it from the ashes. In addition, a phoenix is a creature that kills itself by being burned alive and reborn itself from the ashes. Granger says that they need to reborn the city into a safer and less censored place. I believe that Granger was an intelligent man and helped Montag