Assignment Of Fahrenheit 451

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Reading Assignment 1 1) He is a fireman; He finds books and burns them. 2) She is an odd person that likes to talk. 3) Kerosene 4) No, he was not happy 5) Montag’s wife, she overdosed on sleeping pills. Her stomach and blood had to be pumped clean. 6) Because they have so many cases of people trying to commit suicide. 7) Wall TVs that cost $2000; the audience can interact 8) It is a robot type of dog that is programmed to hunt and kill. Equipped with a steel needle. 9) He thinks it was programmed to attack him. 10) Because she talks and thinks, and this isn’t normal to them. 11) Her uncle did.
Reading Assignment 2 1) He is Montag’s boss. 2) Neighbors, friends, and family members were informants, which told the firemen. 3) That firemen have always burned houses. 4) He took a book from the attic. 5) The fires are prettier at night and they are more of a show. 6) She felt that she should not live without her books. 7) She was hit by a car. No they are trying to get rid of the, “Old Society.” 8) He was afraid that Beaty would find the book that he stole. 9) Because the books were upsetting people, which kept them from being happy and satisfied. 10) He showed her the books that he has been stealing.
Reading Assignment 3 1) A retired English professor that Montag met in the park. 2) Wanted help to understand what he was reading. 3) Quality and texture; time to digest it; right to carry out actions based on what was learned from the first two. 4) Plant books in firemen’s houses then turn them in to cast suspicion on all firemen. 5) Get the books. 6) Earpieces so