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Maria (Lupita) Alvarado-Sanchez
Professor Kurian
Developmental Writing 0093
November 08, 2012

Mom and Dad
Many people think that for a happy marriage, two people must share many similarities. My parents have been married for 33 years and they have a happy marriage. However, people are often curious about how they can hardly have a quarrel since they are two very different people. Their differences in physical appearance, views toward life, as well as personalities are so obvious that even strangers can see it.
My mother and father are both Mexicans. However, their facial bone structure, body size and skin color contrast each other. My father has the facial bone structure of an African and big, round eyes with thick black eyebrows that contrast each other. Different from Mexicans, his skin is dark brown and he has very bright dentures. As for his body size, my father is 6’5”which is above the average height of a normal man. Also, he is very thin and has skinny limbs.
My mother is the opposite of my dad. She has a beautiful face with small green eyes and full lips. She has short bridged nose and the shape of the tip of her nose is like a red guava. She has white pale skin and a full figured body. Different from my father, her limbs are slightly bigger and are strong for a woman as a result of hard work in a factory during her youth.
Besides physical appearance, they have very different views towards life. My father is a businessman. For him, one should not enjoy his life. In his point of view, working and earning money is the main purpose of living rather than enjoyment. Consequently, it always takes us a lot of effort to persuade him to take a trip to any place with our family during the holiday even during Christmas and Thanksgiving, our family’s most important holiday. Also, he does not think that one should depend on God in his life. Therefore, religion is not as important for him as the successes and failures in his life are the