A Divorce That Ended In Happiness

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A Divorce That Ended In Happiness We search most of our lives looking for the right person to grow old with. When that special moment arrives, and we think we have found the one, we commit to one another forever in marriage. It was I who thought I had found the one, and was ready to commit to someone; however, that isn’t how my life turned out. In my mind I was in love with someone who I thought would make me happy for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, shortly after my decision to marry, I realized being married was not the answer to my happiness; as a result, my marriage ended in divorce. Although my divorce had a negative effect on me, it changed my attitude in a positive way towards my family and closest friends, gave me the ability to communicate effectively with the opposite sex, and taught me to be true to myself. In the short period of time that I was married, my attitude changed dramatically towards my family and closest friends. I knew I was acting like a completely different person; a person I did not know. My attitude towards my closest friends and family was not normal. I felt like I was constantly trying to change my husband or myself to become these people who we did not know. I tried to fix all of our problems that I thought were making us unhappy, but knew deep down I truly was not happy with my life and who I was as a person. Since being divorced, and knowing that marriage was not the answer to my happiness, my attitude on life has affected me positively in ways I never thought it could. I am now closer to my family and friends than I ever was during my marriage. I abandoned most of them because I was unhappy, selfish, and blaming it on the people I loved the most. I now accept the person I am. When I was married, I wasn’t happy with continuing my education for a second time. I did not want to accept the fact that I felt like I was starting all over. I had unrealistic expectations that my husband should take care of me; however, I knew that was not my character. Yet most of the time, I felt like my independence was being ripped away from me. I felt like I could not do anything for myself because I was relying on my husband to wait on me hand and foot. After my divorce, I found my independence again, and since then I couldn’t be happier. I knew some day a special someone would come along and give me my independence back; thus, make me a happy woman at the same time. My newly found attitude towards my family and close friends, gives me more hope that some day I will find true happiness. Those feelings of finding true happiness will not only make me happy, but will help me communicate effectively with the opposite sex. We all know that communication is the key to most everything we do in life especially in our relationships with one another. I find that when I am not happy in a relationship, and even though we communicate with one another, it doesn’t always mean the outcome is going to be positive. There will be moments when we know the communication process has worked, and both parties are able to come to an agreement. As time went on, my marriage was a constant struggle. My ex-husband and I could not make decisions together on the littlest of things and we constantly fought over who had to have the last word; I soon realized we did not communicate well together. Since my divorce, I have worked extremely hard on communicating with the opposite sex. A few months ago, I started to date someone whom I am extremely happy with. I could not have asked for a better person to enter my life and give me true happiness. My ability to communicate more openly has given me the power to not bottle up my emotions and to take control of my feelings. It feels amazing to actually talk about how I am feeling and to let my significant other know that something is wrong. I