Family Vacation Essay

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The Best Family Vacation Ever

“Finally,” I said as I fell onto my bed. “My own bed.” I had not slept in my own bed for two weeks. Why? I had just returned from the biggest adventure of my life. My family, including my dad, my step-mom, both of my little brothers, my aunt, two of my cousins, my grandmother, and I, had all rented a fifty foot RV and traveled out west. But let me back up about two months. It was April 2011, and my dad and I were planning the biggest trip we had ever taken. We were planning out everything. The route we were going to take, the places where we were going to stop , and even who was driving each section of the trip was known in advance. The plan was to leave the first first Sunday in June and just drive. Now, my brothers and I were told that we had to pay for all of our souvenirs ourselves, so naturally we started doing anything we could to get money to save for the trip. While my brothers were little and stuck doing petty chores around the house, I was mowing yards up and down my street and really bringing in some cash, at least I thought I was. Within a few weeks I had $150 saved up for anything I wanted to buy while we were gone, and I was ready to go Well, the time had finally come. It was the first weekend in June, and I was frantically trying to get my bags packed because we were leaving the next morning. When I did finish packing and went to bed, I could not sleep. I was so excited that I was finally getting to go see so many of the places I wanted to see all in one trip. When I woke up the next morning my dad had already left to go pickup the RV. My brothers and I could not wait for him to get back so we could inspect the RV and call dibs on sleeping arrangements. We were all sitting on the porch with our bags. When the sound of the diesel engine became audible, my brothers and I couldn't contain our excitement. We met my dad at the door as he climbed out of the behemoth that was now sitting in our driveway. The whole family loaded up, and we were off on the biggest adventure of our lives. After nearly three days of driving, we were finally starting to get into some interesting scenery, and close to our first major stop, The Carlsbad Caverns. My dad parked the RV, and we all made the hike from the parking lot to the main entrance of the museum. Now, while the museum was the main attraction for the majority of the family, my brothers and I couldn't wait to go down inside of the caverns. After almost two hours of waiting, we got what we were waiting for. As we slowly followed the long line of people down the enormous set of winding stairs, I could hardly keep myself from pushing people out of the way so I could get there faster. The interior of the caverns was massive. Around every corner that I found a completely different view than the previous one. After we had explored the interior for about two hours, we reached the main chamber of the caverns. This room was so big that it had multiple fast-food booths and gift-shops inside of it with tons of extra space available. Now, by the time we had reached this part of the caverns, we had traveled so deep into the earth, that there were elevators available to take guests back to the surface. After the long elevator ride back up, we found a restaurant inside the museum to eat dinner. Then went back to the RV and headed out to find the next main attraction, The Grand Canyon. We drove for what seemed like forever until we finally reached