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Father hidalgo who was part of a conspiracy group, a priest and as well teacher was in Dolores on September 15th 1810 with military commander Ignacio Allende when he had heard that the conspiracy had already been found out. He moved rapidly and immediately rang the church bells announcing his strike for independence and gathered an army of 600 local city men who are now known as the “Cry of Dolores”. Hidalgo who was a priest was a very wise man, he had access to written warp that nobody could get a hold of that but him. He believed that every single being deserves freedom and equality as every individual that was either on top or middle of the cast system which he believed was wrong because everybody has human rights and deserve to be treated equally and have the same opportunity as everyone. Father hidalgo Allende marched with their army into Mexico city with a hostile organized defense sending out extra troops, horsemen, and cannons leading to an almost victory causing the royalists to retreat back to the city. Hidalgo then retreated against the council of Allende for some reason that only he knew about. His retreat was his greatest tactical error in his lifetime that still confuses historians why he did what he did. As they head north to the United States Allende was sick of hidalgo placing him under arrest, sent north when then was betrayed by Ignacio Elizondo and captured. The rebels that were involved in the conspiracy were also arrested and found guilty with hidalgo and sentenced to death. The rebellion continued with hidalgo’s student Father Jose Morelos who he followed in the same steps as father Hidalgo. The war continued leading to Mexico gaining back its independence.

The Spanish Mexican settlement in Texas and as well California had many fundamental differences between them. Texas which was a very big place with lots of land but was not a very good place for plantings, very rough place to settle in. Unlike California the land was very nice and great for plantings all over the area, meaning there was more opportunity and more jobs. Having to settle in any of these areas was at the settlers own risk due to the native population. California didn’t worry as much because there wasn’t many problems with the Indians as in Texas. The natives weren’t so please with the arrival of Spanish settlements that at some point some would actually attack the settlers in Texas mainly. That was the reason why there was a smaller population of Spanish in Texas then in California. There were at least 22 missions in California that helped some Indians out depending on their own will, although some natives refused and rebelled back, leading to punishment or jail time. Texas had fewer missions allowing the natives to have more control on their lands. When American settlers arrived lots of things had changed through the years. The Spanish were willing to give land grants to