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My favorite piece of writing would most certainly be the group proposal paper we wrote in the Writing for Engineers (ENC3254) course that I took last Spring semester. Our group was composed of three people and we wrote to persuade the UF administration to spare $500,000 for the renovation of the Reitz Union Theatre. A great deal of money had already been spent for a new speaker system and screen, but the theatre still appeared old and outdated, therefore it did not attract any more people. The money that we requested would be used to buy new seats, expand the theatre, add a concession stand, and install new walls and ceiling.
This paper was an obvious example of a strong closed-form of writing. We had to interview the people in charge of the theatre and do intense research. Our audience, the UF administration, is a serious and formal group of people, so great amount of structure throughout the paper was necessary. Also in order to convince our audience we had to support and concentrate on the thesis that this investment is a wise one for the UF administration.
Working of this paper was very enjoyable and taught me a great deal. This proposal was something that could actually be used outside of class and could benefit many people. I go to that theatre pretty often, so I would have loved to see the renovation actually be conducted. We did plan on actually submitting the paper to the UF administration, however we never got to do so. As an engineering major, I highly liked learning about and researching the structure and composition of the building. In addition I became good friends with the people who were in my