My Writing Experience

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When I was in fifth grade at Kingman Elementary School I had to write my first essay. I was only 10 years old and had never written anything to turn in for a grade. Throughout writing my essay my teacher, Mrs. Wright, helped me figure out how to write in a way my peers would understand and find interesting. Mrs. Wright was by far my favorite teacher, she was understanding and fun, always wearing something yellow. Since my whole class was learning to write at the same time, my two best-friends, Kathlynn and Cassie proof-read my paper. Cassie always wears her sandy blonde hair in a hair tie, her everyday outfit consisted of running shoes and athletic shorts. We were constantly laughing and looking at the cutest animals. Kathlynn was my other best-friend, we were attached at the hip, fourth through eighth grade I was at her house more than my own. Kathlynn was very mature for her age, always dressing up and loved to read. Learning to write a proper essay at a young age showed me how important it was, as I was able to influence others. …show more content…
My favorite was persuasive or narrative, I have always loved telling stories, and this was a chance to do so for a grade. Being so young, my writing skills weren’t very skilled, so my teacher worked with me on wording and punctuation. English has always been my favorite class solely based on writing and reading, and my fifth grade year was when my fascination with this class started. Thanks to Mrs. Wright, I had expanded my vocabulary greatly, learned to word my sentences in a more professional way, and could use my writing to entertain and persuade