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It Was Always Nice to Go on field trip from School because many student Learn more about their Course of study, it was the same here. I have enjoy the journey as well as the rest of the class members, the trip was quite successful and we have arrived at the BEANETICS COFFEE ROADSTERS at Around 9:50am on Saturday March 21st 2015. It was a Nice and Beautiful Coffee shop which is located at 7028 Columbia Pike in the City of Annandale, Virginia.

The Shop was Very Nice and Good Looking from Outside and customer can have some available space outside were Customer can seat and have their coffee, standing and talk to their friends etc.
Inside the Shop is Looking Good too, but as soon as we entered the shop I notice that they didn’t have a lot of space to Accommodate a lot of people, most of us where standing for the entire duration at the shop because they didn’t have enough seats.

Inside the Shop Image.
We were received by the Owner of the Shop who explained to us on when and how he and his wife started the coffee business. He stated that they started roasting coffee as a hobby in their garage, but could not keep up with the demand of friends and family. So they moved out and open the shop at Annandale’s which the only independently owned micro coffee roasting facility.
He told us that they want their customers to taste the full potential of a coffee bean by experiencing freshly-roasted coffee - before the aroma and taste is eroded through time. If you have never tasted coffee that has been recently roasted, you have never really enjoyed a true coffee experience.
However; they start by selecting the finest green coffee beans from a variety of growing regions around the world. He also told us that they roast their beans to accent the unique flavor characteristics of each coffee, not burn the flavor out of them. Customers can watch as they use a computer controlled roaster in there glass-enclosed roasting room. Because we are students, the owner take us to the computer controlled room and show us all the equipment they used in making the Coffee it was really a beautiful and nice moment.
During his Explanation; I was Manage to Understand two Strategy that they used in marketing their Products which are:-
1- Online Sales / Electronic Commerce: - in the Beanetics coffee roadsters shops they used internet to